Rally: Our University is Under Attack



Hundreds gathered in the heart of the University of Tennessee campus on February 5, 2015 to rally against the budget cuts and the privatization of thousands of jobs proposed by Governor Bill Haslam and Tennessee legislators.

Anti-Diversity Bill: SB 0821/ HB 2066

Stay tuned for further actions. Turn on your Facebook notifications for United Campus Workers by changing the settings to “posts to newsfeed” on our page. In the meantime, here are some further steps to take.

Contact your legislators: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/legislators/
Contact Joe DiPietro of the University of Tennessee:http://president.tennessee.edu/
Join the union: http://www.ucw-cwa.org/join-us
Register to vote

Check out the coverage from our event:

The Knoxville Mercury: tinyurl.com/jn239k9
WVLT Local 8: tinyurl.com/zp5njj8
Knoxville News Sentinel: tinyurl.com/jc6dwel
Knoxville Community Radio- The People’s Radio Station 103.9 FM:wozoradio.com

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