Knoxville Community Radio


WOZO 103.9 LP FM streams from the Birdhouse in the Fourth and Gill neighborhood near downtown Knoxville, Tennessee.


Margo Miller of Mood Music with Margo Miller

Margo’s show is the perfect soundtrack for whatever it is you are doing on Tuesday from 7-9pm. IMG_6791_1

Tyler is the person you want on your trivia team. He has an abundance of music knowledge and chimes in perfectly throughout Margo’s show. IMG_6794_1

They Call Me Yaz of Down 2 Brunch learning from the best. {Thanks again for letting us sit in on your show Margo!}


Spotted Ratchet posting up WOZO flyers in downtown Knoxville.

Ratchet is one half of the cosmic duo Chaos Time and helps out with WOZO’s twitter and instagramIMG_7162_1

There are several ways to tune in to WOZO from anywhere in the world. I have found the easiest way to listen is using the tunein app. The app is free and takes about 2.5 seconds to download.

Listen online through the WOZO’s website.

If you are in Knoxville you can tune your radio dial to 103.9 FM.


Aaron has set up the radio show using his own equipment and teaches a training class the second Saturday of the month.

The next training session will be on January 9th.


Aaron is the host of That Mid-Day Show. It airs Tuesdays from 1-5pm.


General Strike was jammin’ last night during his show. He plays from 4-5pm & 6-8pm on Friday nights.

Democracy Now plays from 5-6pm.


Orion had a stellar playlist last night. My favorite song he played was a Hotline Bling Trap remix. He got on the air after the song started playing to assure listeners he wasn’t playing the original.

Last week’s show was Star Wars themed!

Orion is WOZO’s youngest DJ.  He and his dad run Chaos Time from 8-10pm every Friday.


Kukuly Uriarte & Whiskey

Kukuly is the host of the World Music Show on Thursdays from 8-10pm.


View the schedule to see the full list of programming.

If you are looking for last minute plans for tonight 12/19 be sure to stop by the Birdhouse at 7pm for WOZO’s bakeoff!



Listen to my show Down 2 Brunch on Sunday at 1pm.

Tomorrow’s show is going to be A++





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