“We need to be empowered by them,” said Johanna, who runs the Knoxville Neighbors Instagram account. “We need them to be off the streets so our community can grow as a whole.”


William Isom listens to the discussion after the screening of The Homestretch, a part of PBS’ Community Cinema.

RaineyCommunity Cinema screening of The Homestretch documentary that airs on PBS Sunday, 4/13.

Rainey RaineyI will get the perfect photo from this angle. Just wait!

RaineyKennith stopped to chat as he was making his way to the Old City to dance. He threw away his boyfriend’s schizophrenia medication after a woman googled what the bottles were. Kennith was worried his boyfriend might hurt him. He left him sleeping by the river so he could go out and dance.

Rainey Rainey Rainey Rainey Rainey Rainey Rainey

CrumbSnatchers house party in the Fourth and Gill neighborhood / 4.10.15

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