Remembering Mr. Dixson today. Every time I ride by Dixsons’ on Magnolia, I hold my breath. It is slated to be demolished in the near future to provide additional parking for KAT employees.
RaineyRaineyRainey Rainey RaineyEven while getting his blood pressure taken, Tony is all smiles.  RaineyStacy shows off her engagement ring from Drew.

RaineyRaineyTumbleweed was looking sharp with his freshly shaved beard and hat under the bridge tonight.

Rainey Rainey

Tim Hicks was born and raised here in Knoxville. He is a cyclist that currently lives in Summit Towers because he got disabled “on accident.” He was cycling in Ray County when a passenger van drove him off the road and into a ditch. Rainey“God is the reason I am here,” said Tim during Lost Sheep Ministry.

Rainey Tim had 109 stitches and lost his peripheral vision because of his “accident.” The person that drove him off the road is locked up behind bars.

It was very inspiring to talk with Tim. Even after being in a coma for five weeks and spending years in rehabilitation, Tim keeps riding his bicycle!   Rainey Rainey RaineyVisited a space that could be the potential location for the community darkroom today! It needs months of development and so do weSeems like a space that we can grow into and is in the perfect location near downtown Knoxville.

Want to be involved with the community darkroom? Send us an email so we can add you to our contact list! knoxdarkroom@gmail.com ❤

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