A sole survivor in East Knoxville.


Emmanual talks on the phone to a friend about his wallet being stolen from his apartment.

When I met Emmanual at our bus stop in East Knoxville, he was loving Knoxville. He had recently moved to Knoxville for school. His plan was to go to move out West and attend the University of Tennessee.

Every time I see him he was wearing his work uniform. His commute to his job at Jersey Mikes takes him over a hour, every shift.

Earlier this week his wallet came up missing. Just yesterday he said that more things have gone missing and he thinks he knows exactly who did it.


Dixson’s, East Knoxville.

Very sad to think that at some point soon Dixson’s will be demolished and this will only be used at a parking lot of KAT employees.

Dixson’s was once featured on the popular binge eating show Man vs Food for their famous Pig Burger.


KAT bus terminal exit, Knoxville


Courtney and Stu, Downtown Grill and Brewery


Knoxville Wasted Space

This. Wasted. Space.


Big orange, Knoxville


JoJo and David, Downtown Knoxville

Rainey Rainey Rainey Rainey Rainey Rainey

This lot is a dumping spot for various amounts of trash. IMG_2791_1


Gutter scene at Olive Street bus stop.


“I like to walk in the rain, don’t you?” – Earl, Downtown Knoxville.


Rainy Jog

Kudos to this guy for jogging. High five to this guy for jogging in the rain.


Literal Knoxville waste.


Gator tag on parking deck directly behind Downtown Grill and Brewery and Mast General Store.

The first thing I thought when I saw this tag was, “a UT fan better cover it up stat.”




The Amplifier vendors on a rainy morning in March.

The smoke break scene behind 5 Bar on Gay Street in downtown Knoxville shows that struggle is real. Food industry and construction workers share this bucket and space as a haven from work for 2-5 minutes depending on the brand of cigarette.
Rainey Rainey Rainey

After he heard the click of my camera, my bus said “M’am, did you take my picture?” I hadn’t because I intended to take a photo of the graffiti. Ten minutes later he told me wasn’t mad about the picture, but next time I had to be in it with him. He is from New York and had to adjust to life in Knoxville. Rainey


Sean, Knoxville

Sean said word for word, “I can’t survive off of $7.25.” I told him to check out Put the People First on Facebook.

He has worked at Krystal’s for seven months and knows his labor is worth more than minimum wage.


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