#knoxwaste during the golden hour, Parkridge

Note to self: wear other shoes to add interest for this photo project.


Vacant building on Magnolia Avenue, near Olive.

Chatted with a man named Rudy about the vacant building next to the empty lot on Olive and Magnolia. Going to call him later tonight to get the information about the owner, Claude Davenport. Rudy says the building has been empty for about six months.


Sunset 2/7, Parkridge Community Garden


Angel was all up on the phone before people started riding to Cypher Saturday at The Birdhouse in the 4th and Gill.

I accidentally showed up way too early for Cypher Saturday. But, that was okay because I got to hang out with Angel before it started. Angel is the organizer of Cypher Saturday and the Knoxville hip hop forums, both held monthly and at The Birdhouse.


Dilla Donuts crafted by DJ Wigs on the birthday of J Dilla and Cypher Saturday

A simple, yet tasty tribute to the late J Dilla encouraged his radio channel on my spotify playlist today. Listen up and enjoy.


Hip hop and hot dogs go very well together.


Elias’ artwork showing in the first annual Birdhouse Members’ Exhibition.


Young Freeman spittin’ lyrics with a styrofoam cup.

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