Preparing for the cold, as seen through the Kat Bus window in East Knoxville.


A Kat bus driver chats on the phone at the superstop stop on the Magnolia line on Kirkwood Street.


Even Little Caesars looks appealing in the snow.


Freezing temperatures under the bridge near downtown Knoxville.


Randy shows his outbreak of scabies which he contracted while sleeping at the Knoxville Area Rescue Mission. He had to borrow money in order to pay for ointment, permethrin.


A view of one of the many possible entrances of the Standard Knitting Mill in East Knoxville, Tennessee.


Sweeping the snow off the entrance rug of Marie’s Old Towne Tavern. The cold doesn’t stop people from cleaning!




Snowfamily scene in Parkridge.


Salting walkway on Magnolia Ave.


“God Loves You” as seen on the Knoxville Baptist Tabernacle church sign in February/2014.

I was suffering from self-diagnosed seasonal depression until I went outside to check the mail. The sun was shining as it has been for the past few days, but unlike the other days, it felt warm.

Photographs of a snowy Knoxville. Jan/Feb 2014

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