Panda graffiti in downtown Knoxville.

I officially have a celebrity crush on the person who is responsible for the Panda tag that can be seen all over Knoxville, Tennessee.


Sidewalk scene in Parkridge, East Knoxville.


Abandoned buildings on Magnolia Ave, East Knoxville

Both of these buildings at the intersection of Olive Street and Magnolia Avenue have been unused and unoccupied for years. The building on the left would make a perfect darkroom.


Construction work continues on a building on Magnolia Avenue, East Knoxville


The Old City as seen from the KAT bus on Hall of Fame.


Thomas Wayne Walker rests his head while listening to his comrades chat.


Knox waste and new boots.


Norris Dryer’s thing in Parkridge.

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a familiar sight in my neighborhood.


Rockin’ Robin at Zeke’s


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