Conbred, Downtown Grill and Brewery

Quasi-celebrity sighting at Downtown Grill and Brewery.


A dozen or so rallied in Market Square in downtown Knoxville rejecting Keystone XL.

The Keystone XL was rejected by more that a dozen activists that planned an action in the dead winter.


Jaywalking, Knoxville


Missing bolt outside KAT station in downtown Knoxville.

I would have never noticed the missing bolt on the pole outside the KAT Station in downtown Knoxville. Scrap metal thieves were called out by this man with the cane.


Garo on the trolley.

Hate speech flew over Mr, Garo’s head and was quickly blamed on the forthcoming full moon. Retired, Garo worked as a professional chef in Florida and here in East Knoxville.


The deconstruction of the holidays in Market Square, Knoxville.


Amplifier vendor, Terry in Market Square

Since July two issues of The Amplifier have been published.

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